Webinar Replay: Using AFT to Improve Your Relationships

Webinar Replay: Using AFT to Improve Your Relationships

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Harmonious relationships are one of the keys to a happy life.  Yet many relationships end in failure, bitterness, and heartbreak.  Why does this happen?  What interferes with clear communication, emotional honesty, and the ability to give and receive love?

Being effective in a relationship depends on:

1) Communication Skills

2) Being able to be emotionally present and empathic to yourself and your partner

Dr. Perkus has spent many years helping couples learn both of these aspects of relating, and has formulated specific guidelines to help each partner contribute their unique gifts to the relationship.  When both partners are able to be themselves and share their unique gifts, the relationship thrives.  When there is resentment, defensiveness, judgment, and insecurity, the relationship can wither and die.

In this webinar, Dr. Perkus will discuss the key communication skills every couple must have, as well as the common emotional pitfalls that ruin relationships.  

There is a powerful demonstration of AFT with a woman who had been very angry with her husband and who wanted to instead create a safe space for the relationship to thrive.  By the end of the demonstration, she we feeling much more playful and hopeful about her ability to create closeness in the relationship.

There is also a group AFT demonstration, where each person on the webinar (and watching the replay) gets the chance to clear out emotional blocks to a healthy relationship.

You will leave with a clear roadmap on how to improve your relationships, and a newfound sense of freedom and relief about current or previous emotional bonds.  You can listen to the webinar as often as needed in order to continue to clear out additional emotional blocks.

Have the following oils ready if you can:

Stress Away, Frankincense, Lavender.

Optional: Clarity, Inner Child, Release, Transformation.

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