Aroma Freedom Technique Level 2 Teacher Certification

Aroma Freedom Technique Level 2 Teacher Certification

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Special Opportunity Level 2 Teacher Certification Program

Work closely with Dr. Perkus

Gain the ability to teach in the certification program

  • Attain the highest level of mastery of the AFT process
  • Assist in teaching the classes and webinars
  • Grow your own business under the direct supervision of Dr. Perkus
  • Launch a new career helping others learn this amazing technique.
    • Must be currently registered for the Level 1 Certification Program
    • 3-4 month program, then ongoing participation as a teacher
    • Private weekly calls and FB page for Level 2 students
    • Access to all webinars and certification calls
    • Gradually grow in responsibility for teaching on the calls
    • Teach classes you create using The Aroma Freedom Technique
    • Upon satisfactory completion of the program you will be able to teach certification classes within the guidelines set up by Dr. Perkus, and receive payment for certifying others.

Those interested should send any specific questions to