Video Demonstrations

Brief Demonstrations of AFT:

Demonstration of AFT with a woman who feared public speaking.  Short and quick!


Demonstration of AFT with a woman struggling with Prosperity and Abundance Issues

Demonstration of AFT with a woman who wants to build her essential oils business - note it took about 4 minutes to identify a core issue, then about 10 minutes to clear it:

Demonstration on two people at the same time - one had a powerful release related to a family relationship she wanted to improve, the other had a quick release connected with being able to speak easily with others: 

Online training for April Travis and her team on 7/9/16.  There is a brief introduction to AFT followed by a powerful demonstration.  Afterwards, Stephanie (the woman doing the process) wrote:  

"I just wanted to say thank you. The experience I had today with this technique was life changing. There really are no words for what took place between my mind, my oils and me. ❤️thank you"