My experience with AFT so far has been truly amazing. I used to do Quantum biofeedback sessions and Raindrop therapy. I love working with people and helping them to release negative emotions and help them to gain a healthy mindset, but it always took time. AFT is so fast and effective it is almost unbelievable.
My first client worked on improving her decision making skills. During the session some memory from her childhood were relieved. After 3 rounds (about 30 minutes) she was able to clear all the memories and I could see a change in her voice, body posture and a smile on her face. One week later she told me she went the first time in her life buying furniture alone. She is 49 years old.
Another client of mine was working on giving herself permission to put herself first. It was a very emotional session, but there was also a lot of lightness and laughter. The questions are spot on and revealed child hood memories she thought she long time had dealt with. She was surprised that the resurfaced, but I encouraged her to trust the process and within minutes of breathing the oils they were released. So far I have enjoyed every session with my clients and I never felt overwhelmed or unsure of how to handle the situation. The release with the oils is so gentle yet powerful and its such a joy to see the transformation in my clients.
As for myself I do AFT almost every other day and it has been quite amazing. I always used to be very scared of speaking in front of a camera. Even just be in a web seminar and showing my screen (with my picture) was scary. I worked through it with AFT and I feel so much more confident. I know that on this journey to become a certified teacher in AFT there will be more blockages, but I don't worry about them because I know I have AFT and can work on them. Thank you Dr. Perkus for developing this technique and sharing it with the world.
Claudia Hofmaier, Singapore
I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Perkus and share my empowering experience from a Young Living Essential Oil event I visited yesterday. I have a BA in Psychology and am always intrigued by experiential methods of healing that help us clear out dis-empowering beliefs no longer serving our higher purpose. Naturally, I was excited to hear Dr.Perkus speak on his book. It sounded like a very loving, gentle process as he spoke and wondered what would come up for me!
Gratefully, I was chosen to be a participant in a demonstration with Dr. Perkus and his method. As we started the process; I was uncertain of what would surface. I just allowed my intention to flow to me naturally as he asked the questions. I intend to share my gifts with children and teach them tools for loving success. I  was then, actually surprised at what came up as my negative voice.and experience. I never connected that this experience from so long ago was such a weight around my heart! We proceeded to move through each of the steps and even in front of a room full of people, I felt safe and pressure free. The process was very emotional and powerful.
Using the oils with the modality allowed an opening and clearing of energy all at the same time. As I inhaled the sent, I actually felt the energy from the dis-empowering experience that had held me captive for so long, flowing out of my body and opening up new possibilities! Today the shift I am feeling is; I am 100% engaged in my powerful, loving self's purpose. I feel a peacefulness in the process of having patience for my intention to manifest. I trust that everything is unfolding through me in the fullness of time and I am in the process of manifesting my shared intention.
I loved the gentleness of the process and look forward to working with it more as I brake down false belief systems that are attached at deeper levels. Funny, after the demonstration, I actually had someone ask me from the audience if it was for real! I said yes, it absolutely was! With Gratitude! 
I will definitely be considering certification Dr. Perkus, it was a delight having you share you gift with me!  Again Thank You! Love and Light!
Therese Kelsy Cunningham



I tend to feel that I do not have enough time to do what I want to do, and feel that I need to squeeze in as much as possible in my daily schedule and get more done. As a result, I feel overwhelmed and deflated sometimes.  I told Dr. Perkus that I want to feel more composed and focused, and to approach life with more confidence and positivity. After the AFT session with Dr. Perkus, I feel a lot more relaxed, calm and positive!  Interestingly, I noticed that even my movement (e.g. walking, moving around the house) was becoming unrushed and more calm. I sit more upright as compared to my usual slouching posture.Thank you so much for creating this simple but amazing technique that was so fast in seeing a good result, Dr. Perkus.

 Thank you for the session today. It was amazing!


Diane Hong