Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is AFT the same as psychotherapy?

A:  No!   AFT does not use any diagnostic labels, and does not treat any conditions.  It is most often used on its own, but it has also been effectively integrated into many kinds of professional services including psychotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, and more.  

Q: Do I need to be a professional to use AFT?

A:  No again!  AFT was designed to be used by everyone, and has successfully been used by thousands of people from all walks of life.  

Q:  Is it hard to learn?

A:  Most people can learn how to do AFT simply by following the step-by-step instructions in the book.  If you can read and follow instructions, you can do AFT.  Of course, the more you practice, the easier it gets and the faster your results come.

Q:  Can you do AFT on yourself?

A:  Absolutely.  It was actually designed to be used on oneself.  Whenever you are feeling stuck or blocked in some area of your life, you can take yourself through the process and experience nearly instant results.  Of course, you may also benefit from having someone help you through the process, whether it be a friend, spouse, or a Certified AFT Practitioner.

Q: What is a Certified AFT Practitioner?

A: Certified AFT Practitioners have completed a training program taught by Dr. Perkus or his senior students, and have demonstrated competence in leading people through the step-by-step AFT process.  Anyone may take the certification program as a way to better help others, or as a way to experience the personal growth that comes with regular use of The Aroma Freedom Technique.

Q: Is Certification required in order to do AFT?

A: No.  Dr. Perkus hopes that everyone will do AFT regardless of whether they are certified.  However, only certified practitioners are allowed to call themselves a "Certified AFT Practitioner".

Q: What is The Aroma Freedom Academy?

A: This is an online school created by Dr. Perkus which offers a variety of classes using AFT in many areas of life.  Dr. Perkus and his senior students teach pre-recorded as well as live classes every week to assist people in experiencing freedom in areas such as life balance, wellness, parenting, relationships, and more.  This is also where the certification classes are held.

Q:  How can someone become a senior student, or a teacher of AFT?

A:  When you sign up for certification, you also have the opportunity to enroll in Level 2 certification.  This is a 4 month semi-independent study program in which you choose an area of life that you feel called to teach about, and you create a course to offer in the academy.  You attend weekly online training video calls with Dr. Perkus and other Level 2 students, and grow in your ability to achieve your purpose by helping others.

Q:  Is AFT offered in other languages?

A:  AFT is currently being taught in English, German, and Cantonese, with translation projects underway in Japanese, Spanish, and French.  If you would like to bring AFT to your native tongue, send us a message and we can discuss this possibility!